Dr. Stephanie’s has proudly announced its partnership with 6x pro-bowler NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb. The union aims to raise awareness about natural blood sugar support including lifestyle efforts and dietary supplement options.

By providing education and motivational resources, the partnership aims to equip individuals with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their health.

Donovan McNabb played 13 seasons as an NFL quarterback and was selected to 6 Pro Bowls – certainly, an iconic player and one of the most impactful in Eagles’ history! Staying healthy, especially when it comes to blood sugars, has been a long-term goal for McNabb.

McNabb founded The Donovan McNabb Foundation in 2000 to honor his close family members looking for blood sugar support. The McNabb foundation has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for blood sugar research and has been involved in initiatives for public blood sugar screenings.

When Donovan came across Dr. Stephanie’s supplements – he reached out to the company in January 2023, wanting to share his personal and families’ success story with the product line.  Of Dr. Stephanie’s Blood Sugar 24 Hour, McNabb stated, "Everyone knows the importance of a healthy diet & exercise, but I had no idea there was more I could do to help maintain a healthy blood sugar." He added… "They have been a game-changer in my life.”

Renowned certified diabetes educator and board-certified pharmacist, now founder of best-selling blood sugar support supplements, Dr. Stephanie was thrilled when Donovan’s team reached out to us. 

“I am grateful that Donovan was willing to share his support of our products – blood sugars are a topic people with influence don’t talk enough about!” said Dr. Stephanie.

Dr. Stephanie formulated these products because there were NO natural blood sugar supplements in the marketplace that her or her colleagues could confidently recommend in clinical practice. Either the ingredients were ineffective, or the doses were too low to provide benefits. Every Dr. Stephanie’s supplement is formulated with top quality, clinically studied ingredients, at doses proven to provide comprehensive benefits on blood sugar health – including glucose metabolism, insulin and pancreas health, and liver and kidney clearance of sugar.

It is humbling and exciting. Donovan is an influential leader in the arena and we're honored to have his endorsement of Dr. Stephanie’s products. “While Donovan’s story is moving, every customer testimonial that comes in is equally as important – I read every single one.” ❤️

Healthier Together

The partnership is a perfect match that holds immense potential for creating a positive impact in the lives of millions. McNabb, a renowned figure in the world of professional football, has been an inspiration for many, both on and off the field. By leveraging McNabb's influence, along with Dr. Stephanie’s expertise in blood sugar health, the partnership seeks to empower people to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.