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Dr. Stephanie Redmond, PharmD, CDE, BC-ADM has been deemed by her patients and colleagues the "Diabetes Doctor" because of her unparalleled ability to help people maximize results from natural ingredients and a healthy lifestyle.

She practiced for several years as a pharmacist clinician and certified diabetes educator, a clinical practice where she would regularly recommend the individual natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals (now found as a combination in Diabetes Doctor Supplements) as a staple in her patient care.

Dr. Redmond has been a featured national speaker and consultant for major organizations including American Association of Diabetes Educators and American Pharmacist Association as well as a "go-to" expert for News Segments across the US. Additionally, Dr. Redmond has authored publications in national peer-reviewed journals, served as adjunct guest faculty at the University of Minnesota, and previously served as a community Board Member for American Diabetes Association.

A Word from Dr. Stephanie

I’m Dr. Stephanie Redmond.  I specialize in helping patients and other doctors decide if prescription medications and natural therapies are working, being used at the right doses, safe without drug interactions and harmful side effects, and affordable. I also spent years traveling around the United States as a national speaker to educate healthcare providers and patients about the newest research.

I am constantly asked …  “Does anything natural actually work?”

The short answer is… YES!  

Research studies have shown that specific combinations of herbs, vitamins, and minerals can provide meaningful benefits.  However, knowing what ingredients are the most effective, buying these supplements individually, and calculating the correct dosing is far too challenging for most people. I founded this company in order to provide the most effective combinations, in high enough doses that actually work, with the guaranteed highest quality.  That is why you will see "POTENCY*QUALITY*RESEARCH" posted on every box. 

As for the limited selection of combination products that are currently available for blood sugar support, they are often deceptive. This is because they don’t contain the ENOUGH OF or the RIGHT active ingredients.  It would be difficult to find any doctor to recommend these supplements. Diabetes Doctor™, on the other hand, has numerous renowned doctors, pharmacists, and Endocrinology specialists that back our products.  Check the difference in supplement facts for yourself. 

what makes us superior?

I take pride in knowing that I am not trying to sell snake oil or a cure-all. Rather I am 100% confident that I have created the BEST natural supplement option that someone looking for support can possibly take.

All Diabetes Doctor Supplements ingredients and doses were formulated using medical research every time, with no exceptions.  The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, used as the major information resource, is one of the most comprehensive and reliable natural medicine resources available for healthcare providers.  It is not supported by any interest group, professional organization, or product manufacturers and evaluates quality of evidence seen in clinical trials.

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