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Introducing our newest & tastiest supplement! SugarDown uses Dr. Stephanie's Proprietary Blend of Ceylon Cinnamon, Cassia Cinnamon, Chromium, & Pectin at clinically studied doses.  

Take 2 SugarDown Gummies before a meal to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels (already in the normal range), PLUS: 
✔️ Reduce Sugar Cravings
✔️ Appetite Support
✔️ Pancreas Health

🍎 Cinnamon Apple Pie Flavor ❌ Sugar-FREE

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Chew 2 SugarDown Gummies before a meal just once daily to help reduce cravings and to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels (already in a normal range) for the rest of your day.

"Absorption & Dosing has always been my concern with gummies. After years of research & development, we have been able to formulate a tasty yet effective gummy with ZERO sugar!"

–Dr. Stephanie

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We packed mega-doses of the most effective ingredients... 2 types of cinnamon, chromium, & pectin fiber into delicious cinnamon apple pie gummies. 

In response to rising blood sugars, the pancreas will make & release insulin. Supporting healthy insulin function is vital for allowing the body to maintain healthy blood sugar levels (that are already in the normal range) and provide the energy your body needs to function on a daily basis.

"My pledge is to set the gold standard for what you & your family should expect from natural products.... so you can spend less time worried about health, and more time feeling good!”

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Our Board of Doctors provides scientific direction to the development of all Dr. Stephanie’s formulations to ensure our products are meet the highest scientific standards.

These top doctors and researchers are nationally recognized for their expertise in metabolic & hormone health and advocate for the health benefits that can come from supplementing a person’s diet with the right natural ingredients.

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